Award Winning

2022 ‘Chica’ Mencia Rose


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Like eating a watermelon right down to the white bits, this dry Rose is refreshing as. Mencia (say it with an attractive Spanish lisp: MEN-thee-AH) is a new variety to Australia, and is delicious with cured meats and chocolatey desserts.



bone dry and moreish. I look outside and see blue skies and sunshine - the perfect partner for this. Raspberry, watermelon and red fruit aromas. The back label refers to the ‘white of the watermelon’ and that’s exactly what you taste. And you get that crunch too. A fun and refreshing drink - best I take if outside and soak up that sunshine with a generous glass. Find this.

92/100 - Very good
Halliday Wine Companion

Pale salmon colour. Succulent and lively with rosehip and redcurrant flavours swishing through the palate. There's a gentle tartness to the finish; it works as a positive, contributing to the wine's crunchy feel.

91/100 Campbell Mattinson